Our Office

xray2[1]Our Office

We have created a place that makes you feel good. You will find that our staff is well-trained and enthusiastic. We have a well-equipped office to address your healthcare needs.

We Offer These Services

Consultation & Physical Examinations
Specific and Gentle Chiropractic Adjustments
Physical Therapy ~ Cold Laser & Rapid Release 

Personal Ergonomics
Massage Therapy
Rehabilitation &
 Exercise Instruction



We specialize in the treatment of …

Headaches, Neck Pain or Numbness into the Arms, Wrists or Hands 

Back Pain, Pain into the Legs

Auto, Athletic, and Work-related Injuries

We welcome difficult cases


Why Chiropractic?

You want a natural, painless, cost-effective form of healthcare that creates lasting results by correcting the cause of the problem.